Bringing fun virtual cocktails making class & quiz parties during Covid-19!

Has your Hen party or Birthday celebrations been cancelled due to Covid-19? Fancy getting your work chums together?
Not to worry, we are now offering a virtual cocktail making & quiz’s for your party via Zoom!

Virtual Cocktail Making Class

Our home made cocktail bars are perfect for hosting your virtual cocktail making party. Depending on the weather and day light, Jon will host your party from either our outside bar or inside pop up bar for you via Zoom, bringing all your loved ones or work colleagues together for a unforgettable experience.

How it works

Firstly you pick the 2 cocktails/mocktails you would like to make from our menu.
Then we have 2 options –
We can have your cocktail boxes delivered to your doorstep or office. Each cocktail set will have all the ingredients needed for the 2 cocktails/mocktails you have chosen. You will also receive your very own professional cocktail set which you can keep for a later date to show off your skills to family & friends… if you remember of course!
Cocktail Box
Or if you prefer, once you have chosen the 2 cocktails/mocktails you would like to make, we can draw up your shopping list & a list of household things you can use to make the cocktails/mocktails.
On the day your very own mixologist will give you a brief history of the cocktails you have chosen, then guide you through making those delicious drinks. Becoming your very own cocktail wizard!
Virtual cocktail maling class
In between the cocktails we will host a fun 10 question cocktail quiz which you may take away some knowledge from. The next time your in a cocktail bar you can show off your wisdom!
Our virtual cocktail making class has become very popular since COVID-19 with use supplying our online class to many corporate companies, hen parties & birthday parties already!
We have teamed up with the very well known worldwide company Scarlett Entertainment Team & now hosted our virtual cocktail making class for guests in Dubai, New York, Las Vegas, Italy, London, Canada & many more places around the world!
Who would of thought the bar we built in the garden during lockdown would be seen worldwide!
For more information & enquiry’s, please feel free to drop us a message or email to get the ball rolling.
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Our Virtual Cocktail Bar
Do not let Covid-19 ruin your fun times.
Stay safe & Stay positive!