Cocktails & Games Fun Masterclass

Our Cocktails & Games Masterclass is the Perfect Service for Group Parties and for those who want to get hands on and become their very own Cocktail Making Maestro.
Our Professional Cocktail Bartender will teach and guide you every step of the way.
You and your guests choose 4 Cocktails from our Menu and we supply everything needed for the Cocktail Making Lesson. Guests will be supplied with the Full Cocktail Equipment needed. We will bring all the Alcohol and Ingredients, Glassware and we even bring the Ice. Our price also includes the travel.
All we ask of you is to bring a Smile!
In between each Cocktail our Cocktail Bartender will host a Drinking Game to really get your Party started! If any of your guests choose not to participate in the games, that’s fine, we do not pressurise.
No space is too small to set up the Lesson!
Each Cocktail has a Mocktail version for those who choose not to drink Alcohol.
Now’s the tricky part… which Cocktails will be Invited to your Party?
This is a standard 2 hour Service but if you would like more Cocktails and require more time then that’s not a problem please let us know. Please note each guest has the same 4 Cocktails.

This service is £40.00 per person, each person having 4 cocktails each from our menu. Minimum of 8 people. If you would like more than 4 cocktails please contact us.

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