Our team have decades of experience in the cocktail and hospitality industry. We take pride in our services and know what it takes it host or run a cocktail party.
Whether this be as a team of 10 supplying our Cocktail & Bars service for weddings and parties from 20-300 guests, or as a lone ranger hitting the road to supply our famous, fun Cocktails & Games lessons for all types of occasions.
We take a professional and fun approach to all of our parties. We are not a company to hire anyone who says they can make a cocktail. Being a people person and knowing what it takes to really wow our clients is a must.
Luckily I (Jon) have worked with most of the staff in the last decade across the UK in some well know high end cocktail bars. Lets just say i have squeezed some arms, hand picked and roped in some legends from my travels in life to work with us on our venture. Our newer members of staff have been interviewed with background checks, wow have i found some amazing guys to join our team!

Let’s meet the team

Jon ‘The Boss’ – Age 32 – Cocktail Experience – 13 Years – Bournemouth/Kent
Hi, my names Jon and i started my company 2 years ago.
I have been working in cocktail bars and clubs from the age of 18. Starting out behind a bar in a campsite in Cornwall, to then venturing to a Greek party island called Zante at the age of 19, which is where i worked behind the famous cocktail bars called ‘Chevy’s & ‘G Spot’ for 2 summers. I learned a very high paced standard very quickly with learning over 80 cocktails from both menus.
After my second summer in Zante i took a trip to Tenerife, which i ended up calling home for 3 years. Applying my trade to many bars in my time and learning more along the way. I also had 2 summers in Ibiza, where i worked as the VIP Bar manager of Ocean Beach. Again taking my knowledge to the next level.
I then decided it was time to come home (Kent). I was quickly snapped up to work for the individual restaurant company which is of a very high standard. This is where i really excelled onto the highest of standards, eventually being promoted to Bar manager (Not an easy promotion). Having frequent visits to Head office in Manchester i really learnt what it took to run a high end, faced paced restaurant/cocktail bar.
I am in my element whether it be a group of 8 for a hen party, or a birthday party of 300. I truly love what i do. Its not a job its my passion.
Joe ‘The Pro’ – Age 25 – Cocktail Experience – 7 Years – Kent
Meet Joe ‘The Pro’. Joe has been working with us since day 1 and knows how our company runs inside and out. From our fun Cocktails and Games lessons to our bespoke mobile bar hire.
Joe has worked in some very well known cocktails bars in the London and Kent area since he was a young 18 year old lad. Joe is someone who pushes himself when it comes to knowledge and customer service. Having learnt most of his trade at The Bar And Grill in Tunbridge Wells -Kent, he was a customer favourite.
His smile is on show 99% of the day. The other 1% is when he is thinking about how badly his football team are doing. (I wont mention his beloved team)
We are very lucky to have Joe as a member of our team, not only does he know our standards inside out, all around hes a great lad and very much a people person.

Aj- ‘The Smiler’ – Age 24 – Cocktail Experience – 5 Years – Bournemouth
Meet AJ who has a certain cheeky smile every time hes on an event with us. Someone who really brings a lot of energy and loves being part of the team. Aj also hosts our fun cocktail making classes for group parties as a lone ranger.
AJ has bags of experience in the cocktail industry, working in some high end, fast paced cocktail bars in Bournemouth. He has learnt most of his trade working for Aruba cocktail bar in Bournemouth. If you haven’t been, its a must cocktail bar which is located on top of Bournemouth pier, boasting some incredible views of the beaches and an amazing cocktail menu. Aj has also worked in events all over the UK, from concerts to Horse racing and large events.
We are very lucky to have AJ as part of our team. He has a professional and positive approach to everything we do.
Seb ‘The Machine’ – Age 33 – Bar Experience – 12 Years – Bournemouth/Somerset
Meet Seb who has rightfully earn’t his name ‘The Machine’. Seb is the main man who keeps our team going. From loading the van, setting up the bars, glass collecting, the stocking up and the ice runs, we really wouldn’t be able to do what we do without him.
In recent events and cocktail classes, Seb has been taking more of an approach on the bar, from learning cocktails and serving the clients. He has learnt a lot from our team who have taken him under their wings and really helped push him. He is forever learning and always has a positive view on everything we do.
Seb started out behind the bar in the Somerset countryside town of Chard. From pulling pints at the young age of 18, Seb learnt customer service from day 1. Since then he has worked in many pubs and clubs around the Southwest.
Seb has been with us since from the word go and we are forever grateful we have him part of our team. Thank you Seb.
Kaiko ‘Peter Pan’ – Age 29 – Cocktail Experience – 11 Years – Weymouth
Meet Kaiko aged 29 who just simply does not beleive in growing up. And why would she. Staying forever young in the hospitality industry is a massive yes.
Kaiko starting working in a cocktail bar at the young age of 18, by 19 years of age she become the bar manager. Kaiko has a direct approach to everything she does in our team, the chaps just stand back and let her do what she does best. No questions asked ha.
Over the years Kaiko has run all sorts of venues and events around the UK., from clubs to cocktail bars and nightclubs. Venturing from Spain, New Zealand and Australia the young lady has picked up many worldwide skills and techniques when it comes to making cocktails.
We are very lucky to have Kaiko as part of our team, not only does she keep the chaps in line, she has great people person skills and knows what it takes to delivery a high standard of service.
Harrison ‘LP Rose’ – Age 26 – Cocktail Experience – 7 Years – London
Here we have Harrison, as known to the rest of the team as ‘H’.
Me and Harrison first met when i moved back to Kent, with us both working behind the cocktail bar/restaurant ‘Bar & Grill’. During my first shift at my new job, H approached me with open arms and took me under his wing, showing me around the bar and how things are run. We clicked from the start.
H learnt most of his cocktail trade working behind this high end cocktail bar. Once he decided to leave the venue after 3 years, the managers tried their hardest to hold on to this assist. His customer service and people skills are of the best. Many customers come to see him on a friend level as well as his amazing cocktails from off the menu.
H like most of our team loves to travel around the world. Visiting cocktail bars was on his list during his time in Thailand, Australia and Cuba. Watching, asking questions and learning in every cocktail bar he went to. H has a true passion for cocktails and has passed on his knowledge to the team.
Greg ‘The Charmer’ – Age 24 – Cocktail Experience – 2 Years – London
Meet Greg who found his passion for mixing liquids when working at Homebase, (True Story). This is the moment Greg decided to out his two favourite things together, mixing and alcohol.
Greg once served a whole 9 hours straight at an birthday party we hosted without moving from him station. Even tho he was told time and time again to take a break. A team player at its best.
Greg is best friends with H and has been working behind cocktail bars in London for the last 3 years, learning more and more on every event we host. He has a great personality and has a real charm with the guests.
Stuart – Age 29 – Cocktail Experience – 10 Years – Reading
Stuart has been working with us for 18 months, covering many Cocktails and Games parties across the South.
Stuart has over 10 years in the hospitality industry and knows what it takes to host one of our famous parties. From entertaining 20 ladies on a hen party to a more formal approach with office parties. His people skills are brilliant and nothing is ever to much to ask for him.
Stuart has worked in many cocktail bars in London learning his trade at the young age of 19. He now works for Porsche cars in reading but is always looking to take a more of a freelance role with us. Which we are more than happy to do.
This year we have twisted Stuarts arm into working some large events with us. We can not wait to have you part of our Cocktails & Bars team.