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The Weekends Zoom Cocktail Making Parties

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February 1, 2021

Have you seen our online cocktail making parties?

zoom cocktail making parties cheers
Zoom Cocktail Making Party

WOW… what a weekend with our virtual cocktail making parties!!!

6 virtual cocktail making parties in total!

I think we always knew this January would be harder than ever to stay ‘Dry’. With our current lockdown and restrictions, things are getting frustrating for us all. Especially if your spending a birthday during lockdown!

Our zoom cocktail making parties have been in high demand from the second we launched this service. Adapting to the new ‘normal’ is crucial for small businesses like ourselves during these difficult times. This weekend starting from the Friday right through until the Monday we have held 6 events. Yes MONDAY! Nothing like a few cocktails on a school night. The facts are, people are still going to have birthdays during lockdown and people are still looking for ways to celebrate. This is why our virtual cocktail making classes are getting booked over and over again. Take a look at our 6 events from this weekend.

Rach & Zoe’s Online cocktail making party

indoor virtual cocktail party bar
Our Indoor Virtual Cocktail Bar

We kicked off the weekend with Rach & Zoe’s 40th birthday celebrations! We feel privileged with every birthday party we host as this is a special occasion for everyone taking part. But when we are asked to host our customers big birthday milestones, we are overwhelmed they have decided to spend it with us.

Rachel (not the birthday girl Rachel) contacted us back in December to organise the online cocktail making party. The group chose the option of us sending our the cocktail sets to their door ready for the virtual cocktail class. No hassle, all ready and good to go for the lesson.

As always we sent out our cocktail menu on the first email reply. Now we know this can be the hardest part of the booking process, 9 ladies to agree which cocktails they would like to make on the evening is never a easy task. The group decided on the Pornstar Martini and The Fix. The ladies efforts all around were 10/10. The Pornstar Martini’s had great froth and the scores in our fun cocktail quiz questions were above average.

Thank you so much for having us host your special birthday virtual cocktail making class. The next celebration is already booked in with this lovely group of ladies. See you all again soon!

Steph’s virtual 50th birthday cocktail class

zoom cocktail making parties for a birthday celebration
Cheers to the weekend!

Stay with me ladies and gents… this is event number two on the friday evening!

Yes that’s right, two events in the same day. This isn’t a first, i have even done 4 zoom cocktail making classes in 1 day!

So after event number 1, i had an hour to clear up, reset and go again for Steph’s 50th birthday party. Now the thing i love about this group, this is the 3rd online cocktail party with me in the last month! Nothing beats happy return customers who soon become friends.

After Steph had taken part in a online class back in December 2020, Steph was soon to get in contact to book for her milestone celebrations.

The group of ladies opted for our ‘shopping list’ option rather than the cocktail boxes we can send out. This option is where we send over the shopping list of ingredients and household things needed for the class.

The ladies decided to make the Cosmopolitan cocktail and The Fix made its second appearance in a matter of an hour. The Fix is definitely one for the Gin fans. Check out our cocktail menu to see whats in this delicious cocktail.

As many of the ladies had taken part in our fun cocktail quiz in a prevoius event, we switched up the questions. I think some of the group thought they were in for a high score haha! The highest being 9/16. Which in fair is a good score as the average is 7.

Thank you so much for having us AGAIN host your virtual cocktail making party. We will see you AGAIN very soon for another birthday celebration!

Donna’s 50th birthday party online with family & friends.

zoom cocktail making parties for birthdays
Cocktail Making Party Online

I started the weekend with a much deserved Salted Caramel Espresso Martini just before i logged into my first event for the Saturday evening.

Sharon booked our virtual cocktail class over a month ago for Donna’s big 5oth birthday party. The group went with the option of us sending out the cocktail boxes to their doors. We have 2 options when it comes to time of our virtual classes. We can make 2 cocktails with the lesson lasting for around an hour. Or we can make 3 cocktails with the lesson lasting around 90 minutes. This is never a given as we often over run, purely because we are all having FUN!

The ladies decided to make 3 cocktails over the course of the evening which were, The Pornstar Martini, Cosmopolitan and our very own signature cocktail, The Berry Collins.

As always, after the first cocktail has been made and the group interact we move onto our fun quiz. The birthday guest Donna set the new record with a 14/15 score! Very impressive. Donna even knew Gin comes from Holland. I think over 500 people have taken part in our quiz and only a handful of guests have got this question correct. Donna then admitted she is a huge Gin fan!

Brilliant group and thanks again!

Alana’s 4oth zoom cocktail making class

The Fix Cocktail
The Fix Cocktail

It seems to be this year’s January was full of big birthday celebrations. If your still with us this is 40th number 2 of the weekend!

James had booked his wife’s virtual class well in advanced and kept this a secret right up until the last minute. Alana actually confessed she was on her way to bed with a cup of tea in hand nursing a hangover from 2 days before! Much to Alana’s pleasant surprise, her friends had all received their cocktail kits ready to start the drinking shenanigans all over again.

James picked the 2 cocktail to make on the evening for his wife and friends. These were the Pornstar Martini and yep you guessed it… The fix AGAIN!

As always we received great feedback from the group and Alana was glad she replaced her tea with the cocktails. They continued long into the night with celebrating her birthday in style!

Check out our reviews by CLICKING HERE!

Lloyd’s 50th birthday party

Pornstar Martini Cocktail
Pornstar Martini

Now it’s not just ladies who love a good cocktail party…. Men love a good time creating cocktail too!

Rachel booked Lloyd’s zoom cocktail party with the option of our cocktail boxes sent to the door. We had 4 screens in total with a group of 7, 3 and a 2. This can be challenging at the best of times as we know it can get rowdy in one household. The group thankfully were superb from the word go.

Seeing a family dancing around their kitchen after celebrating the results of the quiz was a great site to see. The group made the Pornstar Martini and the Mojito cocktail for this fine Sunday day time session!

We left the group in high spirits which i am sure continued long into the evening. Thank you for having us host your big 50th!

Leigh’s 40th zoom cocktail class

To be continued…


Now i defiantly like the sound of a few cocktails on a school night!

I have had so much fun over the last few days meeting new people and seeing some familiar faces. Monday mornings is when the reviews come flying in. The kind words really puts the icing on the cake.

Have you got a special celebration coming up during lockdown and want to know more about our virtual cocktail making parties?

Fell free to get in touch to get the ball rolling or check out our virtual cocktail making class page by clicking here.

Much love as always


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