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Cocktail Making Class For A 40th Birthday Bash!

Cocktail Making class

We travelled to High Wycombe on Friday evening to supply our cocktail making class for Anne’s 40th birthday celebrations.

Anne's cocktail party
Happy Birthday Anne

On arrival we was as quiet as possible to enter the kitchen area where Anne’s husband had been cooking a lovely meal for the ladies. Of course Anne had no idea what the ladies had in store for her birthday party. As i approached Anne at the head of the table, the ladies started to sing a well know stripping song. Of course we went along with it and pretended to be a stripper for a short while. The look om Anne’s face was rather worried ha!

To her relief after i had told her what we was here to do, she was very excited to get the cocktail making party underway. We set up and was good to go.

Sarah, Anne’s friend organised the cocktail party had pre picked the 3 cocktails they would like to make on the evening. These were the Mojito, Cosmopolitan and the Pornstar Martini.

Cocktail making party
Cocktail Making Party

Let The Games Begin

In between each cocktail we hosted our famous fun games. One of our games in a memory game, this is where each guest writes down a memory they have shared with the birthday girl. We do ask for stitch ups if possible. By this time Anne had that worried face on again.

I cant say exactly what was said, we will leave these secrets for the party. We also asked the group for some fun facts about themselves, these were written down and placed into a Boston shaker, for me to then read these out one by one for Anne to guess who wrote the fact. Each timed Anne guessed wrong… you guessed it… she had to take a drink. The tears of laughter were clear to see all around the group.

laughing during our games
Laughs all around during our games

After we had played this game we moved onto the second cocktail which soon followed another game. This time we was easy on the birthday girl, after all this is her cocktail party.

We then played a game called ‘Medusa’. This is a single person team game where the aim of the game is to not look at each other after a count down from myself. This game never fails, the ladies loved it that much they wanted to continue to play this after the cocktail making class.

All in all the group were great fun form start to finish. Thank you so much for having us and making us feel very welcome.

Cocktail making party

Now it was time for the 2.5 hour trip home to rainy Bournemouth, thinking the whole way about having a cocktail myself when i got home!

Thanks for your read.


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