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Sorcha’s 25th Birthday Cocktail Bar

The Cocktails & Games Team travelled to Winchester on Saturday evening to supply our Cocktails & Bars service for Sorcha’s 25th birthday celebrations!

We set up our rustic bars in a perfect cove just off of the living room. Our mobile bars can be arranged in all different ways, from a straight long bar to a L shaped bar. This gives us great versatility helping us fit our cocktail bars in all types of spaces. For this set up we used 3 mobile bar units, 1 being the back bar which displayed our wide range or spirits and liquors, the other 2 units as our front bar for serving 14 cocktail thirsty ladies. We also set up our rustic Gin back bar display with our LED lights and ivy.

Our Mobile Cocktail Bar Set Up

From the moment go our cocktails were flying out. Sorcha’s other half booked us all the way from South Africa! For all you Love Island fans… Sam is the main man behind the camera. Our cocktail bars were a surprise which went down very well with the ladies. I mean who wouldn’t want unlimited cocktails at their birthday party? We helped Sam choose the cocktail menu for the evening, this didn’t take long as Sam earn’t some extra brownie points with selecting Sorcha’s favourite cocktails without her knowing. These were the Espresso Martini, Pornstar Martini, Mojito and the Long Island Ice Tea! Most events we get asked to go off menu, which we happily accept as we love what we do, playing around with ingredients and alcohol is music to our ears. Firstly the ladies started with a round of Espresso Martinis, this is always a great cocktail to start with as the coffee in this cocktail is the perfect ingredient to wake some of the party up as they have travelled far and wide to be attending Sorcha’s cocktail party. We also made a few Bramble cocktails & a variety of sours. Whiskey and Disaronno being the more common orders.

Espresso Martini To Start The Cocktail Party

The ladies loved our mobile cocktail bar service and as a happy birthday we stayed an extra 30 minutes for FREE! By this time the Long Island Ice Teas were being ordered by the dozen. How many cocktails did we make for 14 guests? Enough for a party of 100! Quick service with the highest of standards at all times is something we pride ourselves on.

Long Island Ice Tea Cocktail

The following morning we received a very rewarding review. The ladies kind words were ‘we had made their party’ and a night of cocktails to remember, or not so much remember! Thank you for having us all and it was a pleasure to serve you all our cocktails. Until next time.

Happy Birthday Sorcha

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