Christmas Corporate Bash

Cocktails & Bars travelled to our second home North Cadbury Court on Friday to supply a London based company with our Cocktail Bars & Cocktail Bar staff. The short 1:20 hour drive to the amazing venue never lets us down. The sites we see through the Somerset countryside are breathtaking.

Once we arrived through the magical gates on North Cadbury Court the feeling of the festive season begun. The guests were away to our left taking part in a shooting activity which looked great fun. This give us time to set up the surprise cocktail bar. Two hours later the bar was set and ready for service. We started with a champagne reception followed by a few cocktails before the guests sat down for the Christmas feast. Once the bellies were full the bar was back in full swing. Cocktails, beers, spirits and mixers flying out. With the drinks flowing and the music up loud, it didn’t take long for the dancer floor to really get going.

Our bar ready for service

At 12 am the music has to be switched off with guests not to happy as the night had only just started, but North Cadbury Court never lets its guests down. We had secretly set up another hidden cocktail bar which was located in the underground nightclub. This party went all the way though until 3 am.

Smiles all around

We made some great friends throughout the evening and we can not thank our staff enough for yet again putting smiles on the guests faces. North Cadbury Court, it was a pleasure as always and we will see you again in the near future. Thank you for having us.

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Cocktails & Bars

‘Bringing the party to you’

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