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Rachel’s Hen Party

Cocktails & Games travelled to Hampshire on Friday to supply Rachel and the lovely hens with our fun cocktails and games masterclass.
Rachel’s friends and family put on a impressive garden party with beautiful decorations.
The ladies chose to make 4 cocktails from our menu, which were:
Pornstar Martini
Lychee Daiquiri
Strawberry Daiquiri
Superfruit Mojito
In between each cocktail we hosted a fun drinking game for the hens. This definitely got the party in full swing. The ladies were great fun throughout the lesson with some sticking to the measurements and some not so much…all part of cocktail making I suppose! Learing what tastes are good for you! The ladies then headed out to southampton for the evening.
We hope you all had a great weekend and thank you for having us!
Cocktails & Games
‘Bringing the party to you’
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